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  03/26/2015        April 19  Event to Benefit Victims of Westgate Condo Fire

There will be bands, a raffle and food as part of a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the Westgate Condominium Fire on April 19 from noon to 6 p.m. at Eveyln´┐Żs Villa on Cowesett Avenue in West Warwick. Mac Odom, whose band will be performing, is organizing the event. Odom lost his condo in the March 11 fire that destroyed Building C in the Westgate complex, displacing about 100 people. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased by calling Odom at 248-8001. They will also be sold at the door. Odom said an independent party would manage disbursements from funds raised.

07/31/2012  First of all ...We tried this a long time ago...but Facebook wasnt around... Lets try again. We can't tell if anyone reads this crap, and if it is worth posting here at all. If you read the "SendersNews"  please go to Pauls FB page and post on his wall. Just say "I do"....its not a proposal....just some needed info

Okay...now for the good stuff !!  Nostaglia on Warwick Ave closed...and we are no longer playing at Mardi Gras !!!  Nostalgia may open  in the future, but we went ahead and booked a couple new clubs. The STAGE DOOR RESTAURANT &LOUNGE is on Park Ave...Across from City Hall and Cranston East High School... Looks like a nice place....Our first date there will be Aug 24th. Please support this new venue....as we try to find better places to rock your socks !!! BTW ...Free valet parking....or you can park yourselves right behind City Hall.  The other club will be familiar to you....PERRY'S in Mariner Square Plaza,  Narragansett...was formally OKI's....Lots of good times there.  It is setup a little differently inside, but we cant wait to go back...it was always packed, and the dance floor hasnt changed !! The first date in PERRYS is Friday, Sept 28th  !!!  Again, cant wait to try out a new club, so please keep these 2 dates available.

Mardi Gras didnt work out for a number of reasons...It was a mutual feeling...Not enough of SenderNation would show up, thus not making it fun for us...or the club !!!

We have Tshirts (mens and womens), TankTops, Caps, and Bumper Stickers available..If you are interested, see Paul.... Hope to see ya soon  !!!

06/08/2012  Hello again !! Its becoming a habit...half a year goes by...before we update this area of the website. Thats only because Facebook has taken over as a daily advertising method. But, occasionally...we have something to input on our website..... We have played at the Ocean Mist at the 3RD Annual MidWinter Meltdown and the 1st Annual Spring Fling Thing and Memorial Day Weekend.....all 3 gigs were amazing !! Lots of good times...and more to come...We will be there on June 24th...July 8th and 22nd...Aug 12th...and Sept 2nd (LaborDay weekend). Once again ...we thank everyone for voting for us in the Phoenix "Best of" contest...We rock for you !! Let's have a safe and rocktacular summer !! see ya at the clubs !!

11/03/11  Wow...seems like 5 or 6 months since we've posted anything here....FB seems to be the new information source. We had a great summer....especially the Ocean Mist...you guys rock !!  We will be rockin' the 3rd Annual Mid-Winter Meltdown at the Ocean Mist on the 3rd Sunday in February...the 19th...just givin' ya enough warning ! Also...we started playin' at Corrine's in Pawtucket...September date was packed and we're back on Saturday, December 3rd...get there early if you want a good seat...tho...you know you must bring yer dancin' shoes !! Congrats to Bob and Deb...got married last weekend, and we played at the reception,......on the night of that October snow storm !! ......It was a great time !!

2012 is already booked, and we are playing these venues: The Ocean Mist, The All American Bar & Grill, The Rock Junction, Rocky Point Pub, Corrine's, Mardi Gras, Narragansett Cafe, Lou's Cafe, Balls Sports Bar (Cranston and Johnston), and Nostalgia's

04/08/2011   The Spring brings things...yes thats right ...The Easter Bunny is leaving  little brown eggs all over your lawn. Wait...those arent eggs !  Sorry...we'll be over this weekend to scoop that up, after we make a necessary call. Anyway.....

We are returning to 2 clubs that we havent seen in a while. Lou's Cafe is always a packed house and a lot of fun...and in Warwick, Nostalgias should have all of our local Warwick fans partying ! We havent been there since December of last year. hope to see you at both places !

On April 29th a new RI club will open its doors. The ROCK HOUSE  located at 731 Centre of New England Blvd (exit#7 95South)  has the appearance of a Hard Rock Cafe. The owner is Henry Ottaviano from Balls Sports Bar, and he has put in many days of hard work...theres a huge stage and dance floor...a kitchen, game room, a large and unique bar, house sound and lighting, plenty of seating and parking. This place is gonna rock !!! Cant wait...our first appearance will be opening weekend on Saturday night April 30th....Dont forget !! Lets support a great guy and his new rock and roll club...its just what RI needed !!

10/02/08      We had such a great time at our party... we're still smilin'....and that was a month ago !!   Everyone  had a ball.... they suggest we do this kind of party once a month....  Ha !!  We had lots of help.... and we really appreciate everyone who gave their time and effort....you all know  who you are....thank you !!!  Also... what a great band ....Erik Narwhal was a blast ....thanks to Tim, Steve, and Mike....hope we can get together again, soon !!!  It was so good to see some of the former members, and have them get up to perform !!   Scott Marshall and Chris Wheeler couldn't make it , 'cause they had gigs !!  And, of course....a shout-out to our "mate" Steve...I'm sure he was smilin' too !!! .... There is a picture page posted....check it out !!!  

    We  have a couple of special shows  coming up this season..... ** Sunday,Oct 12th is the  3rd Annual Bike Run  for Make-A-Wish Foundation  in memory of Robert Kilner Jr.  at The Sandy Bottom (11 am bike run  / 1pm  band starts)    ** Friday Oct 31st   is a great big  Halloween Party at OKIE's...   be creative....   prizes for the best costumes  !!    ** Wednesday, Nov 26th  is Turkey Eve  at the All American...get  there early and bring your own turkey !!  And finally, we have a NEW CLUB ALERT !!!    ** Friday, Nov 28th we will invade The Newport Blues Cafe !!  Don't let the name mislead you.... this is a great rock club...and if we make a good impression....this may become a steady gig for us...and that would be great in the summer months !!!   Hope to see ya soon !!!

08/02/08   This is the 25th year anniversary for the band...and on Saturday, September 6th  we will be having a huge party !  * hot and cold buffet*  * Erik Narwahl and the Manatees*   We will have many of the previous members there, and have them perform for ya.  The party will be held at the Knights of Columbus on Sandy Lane in Warwick.


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